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BIO: Andrew Killick was released the same year as Star Wars, 1977, and has lived his entire life in New Zealand - first of all in the nation's largest city, Auckland, and, since marrying Anna Sjardin-Killick, in Tauranga.


Andrew completed an MA degree, majoring in English Literature, at the University of Auckland in 1999.


He has been actively involved in art, music, typography, design, photography and poetry. 


Safe Little World, an umbrella concept for Andrew's creative output, was first inspired in 2004 by living in the quiet suburban backwater of Bureta, Tauranga, New Zealand. It expanded to take in a wide range of concepts about the safe little worlds we create to give ourselves a sense of security.


His work engages society and embraces many influences. It deals with, and grows out of, paradox and the tension between physical and spiritual experiences, with a tendency towards bringing the unexpected into the everyday, and the everyday into the unexpected.


Andrew is a freelance writer, editor and typesetting specialist, and Publishing Manager at Castle Publishing. He is also co-director of Annie Blackberry Jewellery - the jewellery label of Anna Sjardin-Killick (website).


Andrew is a member of the Lower Bar Collective.   



2014: (Art) Curated Transitions (experimental music and art event) with the Lower Bar Collective. Included a Safe Little World installation, Silo6, Auckland (31 Oct - 2 Nov).


2012-2014: (Art) The Lower Bar Collective, audio and visual performances at the Audio Foundation (Auckland), Whammy Bar, Silo6 (Auckland Fringe), Major Toms (Tauranga), Zeus Gallery (Tauranga).


2011: (Art) Shared Spaces, a group exhibition at Draw Inc., Hamilton (14-21 Nov).


2009: (Jewellery) Annie Blackberry Ltd founded with Anna Sjardin-Killick.


2005: (Poetry) Epilogue, a collection of Andrew's poems, published.


2003: (Art) Stations of the Cross, a group exhibition at Cityside Church, Auckland.


1996-2004: (Poetry) Various live poetry performances, including performing each year at the Parachute Festival, undertaking a range of collaborative projects with musicians and other poets.

Andrew on the Whanganui River Road, just north of Jerusalem, NZ. Photo by Rob Killick.