your face is eyes-closed
as i wait to double-click
and speak to you.


You’re the reason
I’m awake
I am thinking
Of giving you
Pears and oranges
To make you happy
In that sleepy
Kind of way


all i ever wanted to do
was have the sun inside me
embrace the sea.
keep praying, she says,
because this is good.

this is good
(with Anna Sjardin-Killick)
imminence: 33AD
They waited at the street corner,
then quickly ran across the road the
way we would seek to avoid the rain
as we made our way up the main street -
they, the sniper’s bullets.
Theirs was a big, hard,
heavy, thick war
that cramped the bones
in his fingers.
She loved him &
was taken away saying,
"Pass my error onto Kovak."
in earnest love.
Her song was now just
echoes on the hills
As he touched the page to feel
her last contact as she disappeared.
And on the black, despairing day
Simon Peter, did you feel
That as your heart was torn and rent
That the passage was opened up
And God was close
Without the dark and heavy curtain
A pre-dawn
Glimmer of
Impending reconciliation
Taking hold
Upon your soul.
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